AAGES is deeply committed to compliance, ethics and transparency in both, the products and the processes that are carried out. Trust is promoted as the central value of our company. The integrity, professional rigor, transparency, the tolerance, respect and non-discrimination are basic principles that regulate the relations of all the organization’s agents and the relationship with each one of them.

The geographical diversification of the company involves developing our activity in very diverse legal environments, whose cultural characteristics must be equally addressed. However, there are principles and behaviors that must be observed by all members of the organization, because they form the basic pillars on which our business culture is based and are embedded in the compliance programs that are part of our system of management.

AAGES has implemented a Compliance Program which describes the mandatory regulation and voluntary standards or declarations adopted by the company to ensure good corporate governance. An analysis of the foreseen specific risks as well as some mitigation and control measures are also part of the Program, which is understood as a continuous improvement process. The main activities of prevention, detection, monitoring and control are also developed by the Compliance Officer.

AAGES considers its corporate culture to be a key asset, as it is the main tool to ensure a sustainable and safe life for the company. Respect for integrity must represent all of us as a company.

The Code of Conduct adopted by AAGES is an ethical reference that defines the principles of conduct that all employees must follow in their professional activity to ensure the full respect to the main cultural values of the company: integrity, legality, professional rigor, reliability and quality.

The Code promotes a professional ethical behaviour and guides the relationships of all AAGES employees with the different stakeholders, sharing the corporate values that form part of the business ethics culture of the organisation.